Pythagoras theorem.

Pythagoras theorem.

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Here i will tell you about pythagoras it mean “pythagoras theorem “.
It is very popular theorem of all times and it is very useful theorem to solve questions.  such questions which problem to find out of a one side length of a triangle.

About pythagoras.

In the subject of mathematics the pythagorean theorem is well known as ‘pythagoras theorem. And it is relation to Euclidean geometry among the three side of the triangle ⛛. We say that the area of the square whose side is hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of areas of the square on the other two side. This theorem we write as a form of equation all length of side a, b,c state to the “Pythagoras equation “ such as Hypotenuse2  =  Perpendicular2 + Base2.

Some interesting fact about pythagoras.

> Pythagoras was treated like a God.

>He Had Rules for Everything.

>Pythagoras Led a Cult that worshiped Numbers

Questions. If the hypotenuse of a triangle measures 2 cm and one of its sides measures 1cm, what does the other side measure?


Let a and b be the sides of the triangle, and h the hypotenuse.

We know that,

h=2 , a=1h=2 , a=1

According to the Pythagoras’ Theorem,


Substituting the values we know we have the following equation

pythagorean theorem

Now we isolate b from the equation:

pythagorean theorem

We have written the positive and negative sign because in theory it’s what we must do. But because b represents a measurement, it can’t be a negative number.

Therefore the side measures

pythagorean theorem

Now we can remove square both side.

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