Geometry Hard Question

Geometry Hard Question


The measurements (of sides and angles) are required to draw a unique triangle.

Here, we Will understand geometrical problem. Geometry type question are very interesting and mind blowing hence, geometry practical is a best way to find out the shapes and angeles with easy.

Some Extra Shot.

We know that sides, angles and diagonal of a quadrilateral are called its element. A quadrilateral has four sides, four angles and two diagonal. I. e. 10 element. For construction of a quadrilateral uniquely, atleast five of its element (components) must be given, such as :

(i) four sides and one diagonal or

(ii) three sides and both diagonals or

(iii) four sides and one angle or

(iv) three angles and two included sides.

Thus, Now we will understand geometrical problem with a Example and learn more to more solve questions.

Example .

Construct a parallelogram LUDO in which LU = 5.2 cm, LD = 6.4 cm and UO =6cm.

Solutions .

Fitst we draw a rough sketch of a parallelogram LUDO and write down its measurements as shown in the figure. The diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other.

Steps of Construction

Step 1 :

Draw LU = 5.2 cm

Step 2 :

write L ad centre and radius equal to 3.2 cm, draw an arc.

Step 3 :

Which U as centre and radius. equal to 3 cm, draw another arc, cutting the previous arc at A.

Step 4:

Join LA and product it to D such that LA = AD .

Step 5 :

Join UA and produce it to O such that UA = AO.

Step 6 : Join UD, DO and OL.

The parallelogram LUDO so obtained is the required parallelogram.

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