How To Know the Number of Notes in anyone Pocket.

Hii guys ! Here I Will tell you some math magic trick in which you can know the number notes in anyone pocket .

It will be very magically and mind blowing. You can also tell your friend this math magic trick, it is very simple to know accetply this method.

follow this rule and method by step and step .

  • First of all you say your friend that he think the number of notes .
  • Then he double it .
  • Add 1 in answer.
  • In This number he multiply by 5.
  • Again, in this number also add 5.
  • Now , say your friend to multiply by 10
  • Again, tell him that subtract 100.
  • Now you ask getting number. Now you leave two numbers in ending.
  • The remaining number is the number of notes.
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