Question Based on linear Equations

Question Based on linear Equations

Introduction .

Applicant of linear Equations

we can make use of linear equations to solve many problems we encounter in our daily life. We have to first understand the problem and find out (a) What is given (b) What id required ? To solve high questions of linear equations first we understand basic term.

  • The required amount /quantity etc. And we first represent the unknown value by English laundry as a, b, c,d,e,f,z etc.
  • study the problem .use logic and make a mathematical statement in the form of equatuon.
  • solve the equation to find out the value of unknown .
  • put the value in the equation and find out is. LHS = RHS.

These are step to understand the beginning to end by logic and magic.


Ram and shyam are two brothers they are talking about a wedding party and they are very confused to understand this party arrange how?. They think that In a wedding party, there are 990 persons. If the number of women is fourth times number of man and the number of men is twice the number of children. How many men are there in the party?


This question will we solve with equation.

Number of women = 4 x (number of men)

Number of men = 2x (number of children)

let the number of children be x.

Number of men =2 X x = 2x and

Number of women = 4x (2x) = 8x

Given, that Total persons = 990

x + 2x + 8x = 990

11x = 990

thus the final answer is number of men = 2x = 2 x 90= 180.

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