We know that if a number is multiplied by itself repeatedly, then the product can be expressed in the exponential form e.g., 3*3*3*3=3^4. Here, 3 is called the base and 4 is called the exponent power.

3 to the power 4 4 is power and 3 is Base

3 to power 4 is read as 3 raised to the power 4

Example: 1 million -1000000 or can be expressed as 10 to the power 6.

1 billion -1000000000 or can be expressed as 10 to power 9.

1 trillion-1000000000000 or can be expresssed as 10 to the power 12

in all such above cases, it is difficult to remember how many zeros after 1, but it is much easier to remember 10 to power 6, 10 to power 9, 10 to power 12, etc.

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