The pi

Today pi is very useful in mathematics to solve questions with easy without any its own value we can solve it to put its simple value (Pi). The components of pi is very complex formula in various field of questions to solve hard level Questions help of pi the pi states to(22/7 ).

For Example as a figure.

π in this appears in formulae for areas and volume of the geometrical shapes based on circle, such as ellipses, spheres, cones and tori. Below are some of the more common formulae that belongs to the π..

About pi

The pi is mathematical constant. It is use in all fields of science physics and math it is approximately equal to 3.14159 .it is also reffered to as archimedes constant the pi can not be written in the form of common fraction and it is also known that pi is the transcendental. The primary motivation for these computations is as a test case to develop efficient algorithms to calculate numeric series, as well as the quest to break records. pi is greek latin words and it includes to ancient civilization.there specification is very complex. The first infinite sequence discovered in Europe was an infinite product (rather than an infinite sum, which are more typically used in π calculations) found by French mathematician François Viète in 1593:

Interesting fact of pi .

  • Pi is all encompassing.
  • Pi is ancient.
  • We’ve used computers to calculate pi to more than 22 trillion digits.
  • Humans have memorized vast stretches of pi.
  • Pi has a bit part in many

For example – Questions based on pi

Q. 1 Find the area of a circle which. radius is 15.

Ans. Given that, area of circle =15

Using of formula 2πr.

2*22/7*15 =44/7*15 =660/7

Ans . 94.28

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