Playing with Number

Playing with Number

Introduction .

Number play very important role in our life .we cannot connect ourselvesto to the society without the knowledge and application of number .moreover , mathematical games,puzzle ,shortcuts etc.make mathematical enjoyable .

Here , i will tell how do solve the number problems with easy method and quickly .

For Example.

In a 3-digit number , the hundreds Digit is twicethe tens digit while the unit digit is thrice the ten digit. Also the sum of its digirt is 18.find the number.


let the 10 digit be x. Then, the hundreds digit = 2x and the 4 unit digit = 3x

:: 2x + x + 3x = 18.

:: 6x = 18

:: x = 3

:: Hundreds digit = (3 x 2 ) = 6,tens digit = 3. And unit digit.

(3 x 3 ) = 9.

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