Solve and earn INR 1729x3=5187 cash money

Who AM I?

I am not a Mathematician :P, but yes i am passionate about math. Creating and solving maths question is my hobby and hence this website exist.

Now at this time i have created a simple math question by spending 10 minutes, and offering INR 1729x3=5187 just an encouraging amount to those who will solve this question first before 1:00PM (30/10/2016)

Question Update

Question is visible below , you can submit answer before 1:00 PM. (30/10/2016) and comment the solution below question link.

Question : Click Here

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Ajay Verma

Result of Solve_And_Earn

Winner of Solve_And_Earn:
Prize:Rs. 5187
Documets required:
Photo ID Card+Neft Details+Phone Number

Other Math Genius Winners:
Prize:Randomn Gift (by online shoping portal)
Documents Required:
Full Name, Mobile Number with Address (where you want to receive your gift)

Thanks For answer and participating, try next time:
Name:Mr. Gupta
and others..

**please submit above details as soon as possible.

Thank you all for participating....!!!

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