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Precision Stamping Parts are widely used in the automotive, electronics, medical and other industries. Precision stamping parts may be just a small part, but they have a great impact on the overall quality of the product. Therefore, the quality requirements for precision stamping parts are relatively high. Defects in appearance, affecting the appearance and use of the product. So how do you check the appearance defects of precision stamped parts?<!--?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->

Inspection methods and standards for appearance defects of precision stamping parts:

1. Material defect inspection method: visual standard, the material strength does not meet the requirements, the traces left by the rolled steel plate, overlap, orange peel, stripe, loose galvanized surface, and galvanized layer peeling off.

2, the rounded corners are not smooth inspection method: visual inspection, inspection tool to measure the fillet radius is not uniform enough, not clear and smooth. The outer cover is not allowed to exist, and some assembly faces and overlapping faces of the inner cover are not smooth, which not only affects the appearance of the precision stamped parts, but also seriously affects the welding and assembly.

3, pit package inspection method: visual inspection. The existence of the pit package seriously affects the appearance quality of the cover after painting, and is a defect that the customer cannot tolerate. Large-area pits can also affect the strength and fatigue of precision stamped parts and cannot be repaired.

4. Wrinkle inspection method: The visual outer cover does not allow any wrinkles that are easily perceived by the customer, and the inner cover does not allow serious wrinkles to result in material stacking.

5, brushing, indentation and scratch inspection method: the outer surface of the visually covered outer surface is not allowed to have hair and scratches, indentations; the inner surface of the outer cover is not allowed to have scratches and indentations that affect the quality of the outer surface. The surface of the inner cover is not allowed to have serious scratches and indentations that may cause the parts to crack.

6. Burr inspection method: The length of the visual burr is less than 10% of the thickness of the sheet. Any burr that affects the degree of weld lap fit is unacceptable. Any burr that can cause personal injury is unacceptable. Any punching burrs that affect part positioning and assembly are unacceptable.

7, crack inspection method: visual inspection. Any chipping of the outer cover is unacceptable. Only minor cracking of the inner cover allows rework repair, but the repaired parts are not easy to detect and must meet the rework standards of precision stamped parts.

8, necking inspection method: visual, dissection. Necking is a potentially dangerous break point in the forming process of precision stamped parts, which has a crucial influence on the function, strength and fatigue resistance of precision stamped parts. According to the degree of necking, it is determined whether the precision stamping parts are qualified, reworked, scrapped, etc.

9, rust inspection method: visual, dissection. Corrosion is the rust that is caused by improper storage or improper storage of precision stamped parts. It has a crucial influence on the function, strength and fatigue resistance of stamped parts.


The above content is about the inspection methods and standards for the appearance defects of precision stamping parts. I believe everyone has already understood. In the production process of precision stamped parts, there may be some appearance defects, which require the staff to inspect and repair, to ensure that the precision stamped parts meet the standards of use and pass the factory.

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