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If you are not familiar with a foamer I'll give you the overview. Foam Pump(KEXON) bottles are generally filled with about 1 fl oz of liquid soap and topped off with water. The pumping mechanism works to convert your dilute soapy mixture to piles of foam! Just pump like a normal dispenser and you will have a handful of foam in just a few downward strokes. The best part is your soap goes a long way! Super economical for any person needing to dispense soap!

The CLEAR body of the bottle will allow the color of your soap mixture to show through.

Most types of liquid soap base will work. Our Shower Gel Ultra Clear Base - Improved & Thicker will work great diluted with 50% distilled water. That way 1 gallon of shower gel makes 2 gallons of foamer base.

Handmade liquid soaps usually work extremely well in the foam pump bottles as they are generally thin to start with and normally do not contain added fillers and thickeners. Do not use "melted down" bar soap in place of an actual liquid soap because bar soaps tend to clump or gel and can clog the mechanisms inside the foam pump.

Dilution Rate

The goal in determining your dilution rate is to find the most you can dilute the product and still have the desired feel of the foam. As a general guideline, you should be able to dilute your normal liquid soap by 3 - 6 times.

Start with 1 part soap and 3 parts water, and add additional water (if you want) until the soap foam thins a little bit. That will tell you how much of that particular type of soap to use.

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