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Using Foam Pump(KEXON) characteristic curve, find the required flow value in abscissa, find the required lift value in longitudinal coordinate, lead vertical or horizontal line upward and right respectively from two values, and the intersection point of the two lines falls on the characteristic curve, then the foam pump is to be selected, but this ideal situation is not rare, usually encounter the following situations:

A, the first kind: the intersection point is above the characteristic curve, which shows that the flow meets the requirements, but the head is not enough. At this time, if the head is similar, or the difference is about 5%, it is still optional. If the head is much different, the pump with larger head is chosen. Or try to reduce the loss of pipeline resistance.

B, the second kind: under the characteristic curve, in the fan trapezoidal range of the pump characteristic curve, this type is initially determined. Then, according to the difference of lift, it is decided whether to cut the impeller diameter. If the difference of lift is very small, it is not cut. If the difference of lift is very large, it is according to the required Q, H and ns.

And cutting formula, cutting impeller diameter, if the intersection point does not fall within the sector trapezoidal range, should choose the pump with smaller lift.

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