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Typically, Foam Pump(KEXON) include an air compressor portion and a fluid passing portion—the two requiring communication to ultimately create the foam. The portion required for compressing the air is not given to wear and degradation to the extent of the portion required for passing the liquid and generating the foam from the combination of liquid and air. Accordingly, it has been determined that there is no necessity for replacing the air compressor, but only the liquid pumping and foam generating portion of the pump when replacement of the cartridge is necessary. Accordingly, a bifurcation of the pump has been determined to be possible and desirable.

In light of the foregoing, it is a first aspect of the invention to provide a foam pump generator in which the air compression portion is separate and distinct from the liquid passing and foam generating portion.Another aspect of the invention is the provision of a bifurcated foam pump generator in which the liquid passing and foam generating portion is disposable and replaceable with a liquid cartridge, while the air generator is substantially fixed to the dispenser housing.Still a further aspect of the invention is the provision of a bifurcated foam pump generator that is readily constructed from state of the art devices and structures, and that is conducive to implementation with presently existing dispensers.

The foregoing and other aspects of the invention that will become apparent as the detailed description proceeds are achieved by an improvement in a foam dispenser having a dispenser housing and an actuator, and receiving a liquid cartridge, the improvement being a bifurcated foam pump assembly, comprising: an air compressor portion attached to the dispenser housing; and a liquid pump portion connected to the liquid cartridge, said liquid pump portion separably mating with said air compressor portion.

Other aspects of the invention which will become apparent herein are achieved by a liquid container for a foam generating dispenser comprising: a cartridge defining a volume for receiving a liquid; a collar sealingly attached to said cartridge; a cap secured to said collar, said cap and collar defining a liquid cavity; and an outlet nozzle adjacent

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