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Foam Pump decorating is not as simple as it sounds as there are many aspects that go into Foam Pump Suppliers(KEXON) for designing the artwork used in decorating containers. The end result should be attractive and eye-catching, relevant to the contents, enhance brand image and add to brand recall and, above all, induce the customer to pick up the product. It is important to select the kind of packaging that your products require and it is vital that the packaging fulfill the legal and other requirements and increase sales. A well decorated Foam Pump will do all this and more and the right kind of decorating company will work with you from the beginning.

All companies that you get your containers from will not do container decorating. There are many companies that simply sell the bottles, jars, containers and other packaging materials and expect you to get the decorating done elsewhere. This is particularly true when you buy standard bottles and other containers as these are available at wholesale rates. Decorating options include:

Pad printing – is good for odd shaped containers as it uses recessed printing for high quality graphics.

· Hot foil or heat transfer – uses metalized foil or pre-printed foil which transfers the image to a heated surface and is good for small runs and traditional shapes.

· Silk screening – offers high quality images, but is best used for one or few colors.

· Offset printing – is cost effective for large runs.

· In-mold labeling – offers high quality graphics, but again is good for short runs.

· Laser and inkjet – a versatile printing option for container decorating as single color and multi-color can be used for odd and traditional shapes, both.

· Sleeves – labels are pre-printed and used on blow-molded parts.

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