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Now the Foam Pump(KEXON) in people's lives play a added important role, of course, a lot of aspects are needed, then the benefits of the vacuum bottle will have a more comprehensive understanding, so that it can be more in life to make full use of this Bottle, so as to achieve some desired effect.

The vacuum bottle has an oval or a rounded container, and then there is a free movement of the piston at the bottom of the bottle. The principle of working is to take advantage of the spring's elasticity and evacuate the air inside the bottle to keep the bottle in a vacuum Of the state, and then use some pressure so that the inside of the bottle can then move the piston.

A lot of skin care products are containing protein such ingredients, there are some amino acids, hyaluronic acid, are very easy to let the bacteria pollution, so be sure to keep clean, if contaminated, then it will produce on the human body Harmful matter. The vacuum bottle can let the inside of things and air separated from the open, not easy to react with the air oxidation, will not lose some of the original effect.

So we can see that the benefits of using the vacuum bottle packaging is very much, so it will be broadly used, and as a business if you charge this affectionate of packaging, we have to accept a able assembly company, so as to ensure quality.

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